Inspiring Teacher

My most inspiring teacher is my flute studio professor, Dr. Large. She has done nothing but push to excellence my entire freshman year of college. Dr. Large is new at this University, and has taken an interest to every student of hers. I take lessons with weekly, and she has pushed me so far and I could not have gotten through my freshman year so good without her. She requires so much out of all of her students but she never pushes us unless she knows we can do it. I have gone so far this year in my playing and in my studies with the help of her. Every week I am to learn a new piece which is a lot to learn in a short amount of time. I know that I will succeed because I have put in the work of learning what I need to learn as a freshman in college. She has inspired me to push through the hard to get to whats good ahead. I have been so inspired to go far and beyond in my other classes as well. She is very supportive of all of us in the flute studio and I will never forget what an amazing teacher she has been to me.


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