What it takes to be a Music Teacher.

I think the first time I stand in front of a classroom of students I will be nervous but also excited as well. I’m nervous that I will mess up and forget what my lesson is. I think after I get used to it I will do well because I love kids and I love music. I think that everything will turn out and I will be good at teaching because I cant wait to share music to the world and teach them everything I know about music and hope that they grow to love music the way I have.


The Person who influenced me the most is…

The one person in my life that musically influenced me would be my elementary, middle school and high school band teacher, Mr. David Brody. He taught me so much, especially how to love music the way I do. My grandmother also helped me through the years with supporting me in everything I do. She has a piano that I would doodle around on and she helped me learn how to play as well. My motivator, as I would call her, is my Mother. She has been someone who’s pushed me to try my best no matter what I’m doing.